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about us

Our aim is to provide children with social, emotional and mental health difficulties the opportunity to access a wide range of sport activities to proactively support and improve their health and wellbeing.

Physical activity has a positive impact on our moods, helps us feel better about ourselves and our own self worth, reduces our stress levels and helps prevent or manage depression and anxiety.

We have professional, experienced staff dedicated to supporting children to progress in many different areas; we aim to build their self-esteem and confidence through sport; developing their interests, hobbies and skills. We understand that children have many different things going on in their lives so we aim to use sports and activities for them to channel their emotions.

Our programmes will promote making and maintaining friendships, therefore working on social skills, team building and building up a support network around the children.

Both girls really enjoyed the variety of sports that they did and how friendly and encouraging all the coaches were.

He really enjoyed it and you all helped him feel more positive and lifted his self esteem.